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DES:GSM wireless intercom call elevator system product is my company the fifth generation of products, machine room with wireless GSM extension and management center calls, no wiring to reduce maintenance costs of daily use, for management center provides

Second, the GSM elevator wireless intercom function is introduced
1, the system function briefly
When the elevator failure in use process downtime or blackout tiring the accident situation such as the elevator passengers can light according to the "call" button to the office a call signals, the elevator car will automatically play pre-recorded warning voice. At this point, the personnel on duty phone received the call, communicate through the phone, take rescue measures.
Features: use the GSM network, mobile unicom are available, the signal is strong, no interference, no distance limit, which can realize away also can call, can be connected to the unlimited elevator stations, namely, to tell a few village incorporate a duty room, reduce the cost of manpower and material resources. System can store 5 group number, can call directly to the office machine, when duty room unattended, can to another phone number or the designated mobile phone signal for help, to ensure that the continuous communication with the outside world, to ensure the elevator trapped personnel will to external communications.
Advantage: call one button, convenient and quick, can effectively solve the monitoring center, computer room, capsules, its top and bottom five parties intercom calls. Do not need to wiring of saves the expensive route cost; Do not need to wiring of saved to build the high construction cost; A large number of saved due to factors such as line fault, aging of maintenance cost; To completely eliminate the due to the lay lines of the destruction of buildings and roads; The monitoring center position can be adjust according to need, without any line adjustment; The whole system very simple construction, short construction period, quick effect.
2, room extension function is introduced
1) a building only need to use an extension, the extension can take up to three elevators;
2) the GSM network communication, the real level of telecom call quality;
3) strong anti-interference and lightning protection, not affected by the stormy weather.
4) installation is simple operation and easy to understand.
Three, GSM wireless intercom usage lift
1, elevator call attendants
When the elevator tiring, stranded passengers simply "call" button, the light the distress signal sent to the personnel on duty immediately.
2, hang up the call
After the call, press the "confirm" key hang up on the phone, and will handle back in situ.






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